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Thomas story KCP 160529Chris Shepherd
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 25 minutes
Chris explores Thomas's journey as one who wants to be certain and realistic.... Jesus takes him where he is, but loves him too much to leave him where he is!
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The Language of FaithColin Veysey
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 30 minutes
Faith is like language, needing to be learned and developed over time. Exploring how language works and how Jesus speaks the language of faith.
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Honour each otherRichard Wightman
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 45 minutes
Scripture encourages us to honour one another, as Jesus honoured the Father and the Father honoured Jesus. Richard makes this practical and imperative.
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The Foundations of FaithColin Veysey
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Colossians 2:6-7
The foundations of our faith are not statements or mystical experiences, but Jesus himself, and particularly so in the li8ght of the resurrection. The foundations are more like the roots of trees than the foundations of buildings... they spread out and are relational, bringing about fruitfulness and life.
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Don't lose sight of the big pictureChris Shepherd
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 35 minutes
Reference:Luke 10
Chris uses the parable of the good Samaritan to challenge us to look beyond our understandings to the big picture of God's purposes. He is provocative and shows how that was true of Jesus in telling this story.
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Remembrance Colin Veysey
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 20 minutes
Reference:1 Peter 2
What is the purpose of remembering, and what is the purpose of God? Exploring three things that remembering achieves.
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God OpportunitiesBill Williams
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 40 minutes
Bill shares the way that God speaks and acts in wonderful and varied ways through any who are willing.
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Palm Sunday challengeColin Veysey
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Luke 19:1-48
Luke 19 moves from the response of Zaccheus to Jesus coming to Jericho to the response of the crowds as Jesus comes to Jerusalem. He provokes a response... what will ours be?
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Faith and the Lamb on the ThroneStuart Reid
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 45 minutes
Reference:Revelation 4-5
Stuart speak from Revelation ch4-5 about the reality of kingdoms, and the unltimate reality of the throne of God at the centre of everything. He leads us to see the character of this centre... not the power and might of the lion, ox, eagle or any other created thing, but sacrificial love and prayer. This is the way to overcome, not might is right, but self giving service that gives honour and worship to the one who gave everything that we might have life!
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Jubilee - A fresh startChris Shepherd
King's Church Prestwood
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 14
Jesus picks up the message of God's heart - offering a fresh start through grace. What a brilliant thing it would be if the world could see that sabbath and Jubilee and the Kingdom of God offer a fresh start for all!
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