Our Vision

Let us share with you our vision.

We want to know God in and through Jesus – and to grow in enabling change and making an impact for God wherever we go, both individually, as a local church, and as part of the worldwide Body of Christ.  

We want everyone in the area to have an opportunity to know they are of the greatest value to God, and that Jesus is God’s way of showing this.
We long to see Prestwood and the surrounding areas as a community to which people want to come and belong because it acknowledges that the God and Father of Jesus is present here by his Holy Spirit.
We long to see the Church full of vibrant, inspiring praise, worship and teaching where many people recognise their need and to turn to Jesus to rescue them and to give direction and purpose to their lives.
We want to see equipped and confident Christians, committed to the local Church and to its mission, guided by the Holy Spirit, speaking out for God and God’s ways in every sphere of life, to restore the nation and the world to how it was meant to be.

We want to ensure that the next generations inherit a Church and community that has both provided foundations for living, and an environment filled with the Holy Spirit’s life and love.

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