King’s Church Prestwood is a local Christian Church that belongs to a group of churches called Catalyst which is part of the Newfrontiers family of Churches worldwide (

We believe -

That BEING TOGETHER is vital
… that our specific purpose in the Chiltern area is to produce mature followers of Jesus Christ who will effectively reach others.
… that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Saviour for humankind and that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God.
… that Christian fellowship should be built on the core values of worship, the Word of God, caring, outreach, commitment, discipleship, leadership, authentic spirituality, living the life.

… being a Christian means that we have been born again into the family of God. Our Father in heaven sent His Son, Jesus, so that we could become part of that family, His universal Church. But the Bible also makes it clear that we are also to be a part of a local body of believers. It is here that we are tested, shaped and strengthened to serve one another in love, just as should be the case in any family. It is vital for our growth that we relate to others in the local church.