KCP worship group

This group currently consists of dedicated musicians, singers and worship leaders who meet together to worship, pray, share together, practise and seek how to lead the church forward in worship. Our focus on a Sunday morning is to enable a journey of worship through songs and other creative means. We aim to keep a balance between new and well-known worship songs and hymns whilst hoping to encourage those who have been gifted to write worship music. In fact, we have over 100 worship songs written by members of the worship group - we recognise it is a very special area in which God has gifted this church. 


Worship is also a focus in our mid-week gatherings. 

At one point we had a thriving youth band too which over the years has involved around 15 young people. Young people don't stay young forever! - so they have now all grown up and matured into fine adults but hopefully have benefitted from learning how to play together in a worship band and take responsibility for leading a church in worship. 

Outside of our services we play for joint church services such as the Good Friday gathering and we support members who lead worship and minister elsewhere.

It is always our privilege to enable others to worship God.


Philippa Wallin, 25/07/2010