What we do 

Why believe?

What evidence is there for God?

Is there any proof that Jesus was even a real person?

Why does God allow suffering?


If you want to explore answers to these questions then please ask!


We believe in Christianity because we think it is true, not because it is comforting (though it is that as well). 


We can guarantee you a non-embarrassing jargon free discussion.


There are a number of options:


Contact one of the leaders listed

Agree on a place to talk

Go for it.



come along to one of the church meetings or events


A cafe style service, held bi-monthly, in an informal setting (and you get food) might be a good start.


Chequers Folk
8:00pm Wednesday 20 September
The Chequers Tree, Prestwood
Fellowship Group
8:00pm Thursday 21 September
John & Kate's
Fellowship Group
2:00pm Friday 22 September
Ian & Debbie's