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World Mission

As part of the New Frontiers family of Churches, one of the hallmarks of our church is to reach out beyond where we are with the ends of the earth as the horizon for our activities.

Both local .... and global mission.worldmap1

As God gives us opportunity and resources, and when we believe that God is specifically asking us to be involved, we develop links with organisations and individuals and pray and act to share the good news of Jesus and to show the love of God in practical ways. If you would like to know more about this then please do contact us.

Colin Veysey, 05/08/2009

World Mission
Thinking and acting - both local and global! More ...
Colin Veysey
Chequers Folk
8:00pm Wednesday 20 September
The Chequers Tree, Prestwood
Fellowship Group
8:00pm Thursday 21 September
John & Kate's
Fellowship Group
2:00pm Friday 22 September
Ian & Debbie's