Clouds and Steam

Water is amazing stuff - it floats when it freezes, it's liquid when it shouldn't be - yet without it's properties being as they are we probably wouldn't... couldn't be here!

And most of what we're made of is water... so it could be said that we're made up of living water with amazing properties. Well, for me that points towards the question, "What kind of God would make a world like this?".

Is it a God who can be seen like clouds - constantly moving, changing, beautiful
, bringing the life giving water needed for growth, and yet can be associated with  storms, thunder and lightning and powerful forces?

Or is it a God who is invisible, like steam - present and powerful - cleansing and pure, unseen and too hot to handle? The more we find out about the world, God and our relationships... the more we realise we don't know - and the more mysterious it all becomes.

Surely to be God at all there must be both! Or else God would be merely part of our world, and he must be greater than our world to be God. So as Prestwood turns to the nostalgia of the steam age for a weekend, and the people long for fine whether to enjoy their days of rest. Will we be prepared to believe our senses and appreciate what we see, hear, feel and touch - but at the same time marvel at unseen mysteries such as the power of love, trust and hope?

Colin Veysey, 01/07/2010

Anon (Guest) 22/02/2015 11:08
I can believe all sorts of things that God may be capable of. Over the passage of time (a very long time) things have happened that appear in our short lifespans to be amazing, whether God is overseeing this process is debatable. There is no answer to the beginning of the universe. Indeed we could be living in a multiverse that has no beginning which is quite a concept to comprehend.

I struggle with the concept of God, especially with the virgin birth. It sounds like a tall story to me. If I was Joseph I'm not sure I'd have believed it. I understand this is what makes Christianity special to so many people. If I had a partner and she turned up saying God had made her pregnant I would think she were mad. In fact if she believed it so strongly herself she would probably end up getting sectioned.

Perhaps Christianity overlooks the passage of time and what evolution can do.

Yet I am still not sure if there is or isn't a God.

This is why I am agnostic.

Clouds and Steam
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