What's it all About then...?

Believing is something everyone  does all the time... what does that mean in real terms?


We believe it would be really great if we could discuss that, and think about how our lives depend on all kinds of things that are outside our control.


Does the word God help or hinder us from talking about the issues that really matter to us?


If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, then we would love to hear from you.


We will be posting our diary of what believing means to us here on the site, and would love to get your thoughts, responses and reaction.


Let's talk! 



Clouds and Steam
Seeing is believing... or believing in what we cannot see? Which side of the fence do you prefer to sit? More ...
Colin Veysey
Does wisdom still have currency today?
What on earth is wisdom? More ...
Colin Veysey
Rescue is the subject of so many stories... why is that? More ...
Colin Veysey
Let's talk
So what's the story, and what do we believe in...? More ...
World cup and Wimbledon
Do you prefer to see and know, or do you prefer mystery and uncertainty? How do we cope with preferences? More ...
Colin Veysey
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