Does wisdom still have currency today?

How should we handle difficult problems? How do we decide what particular car, or tv, or fridge to choose from the countless different brands? What parameters are important? What priorities should we set? Would that be a clue to wisdom?

Of course we can simply use one of the myriad of magazines or on-line sites that review, test, consider and mark. But then what about the bottom line - and what is the bottom line for us? Price, value, image, performance, reliability, ethical standing?
Would that be a clue to wisdom?

Somehow we make decisions, hundreds of them, we have to, since we are bombarded by choice. We become adept at making decisions about the smallest things as well as the big issues. Is this ability wisdom? The ability to decide when to trust the opinion of others, while weighing this against the things we can test for ourselves, and applying our own standards of aesthetics and our own judgment.

Maybe it is wisdom if, in taking these decisions, we take into account not merely our own desire, but also the impact they may have on others, and the consequences that this may have on a sustainable future for those who will come after us.

What do you think? How would you define wisdom?

And why is wisdom not a word used frequently these days? Could it be that we have yet to value the contribution it has made historically, and tend to feel that it might cramp our style?

So would we expect an ultimate being, God, to be wise? And if so, how would that wisdom be manifested?

Colin Veysey, 04/10/2010

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